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Drawing and Painting with Lucy Parker

Drawing and Painting with Lucy Parker                                              Lawrence Art Studio


Topic List                                                                                                             Spring Term 2017

Week Topic Materials

11th January

Drawing Faces. 

Look at the proportion of the features to give you a good grounding in how to draw faces.  First in pencil then in charcoal and chalk on coloured paper.

Pencil and rubber/

charcoal and chalk.

Reference photos.


18th January

Winter landscapes.  Paint a Snowman.

Traditional and Experimental Techniques.

Learn how to lay on washes and over lay colours.

Try out weird and wonderful techniques like using salt, cling film and tooth brushes.

Watercolours and watercolour paper.


Photo references.


25th January

Pen and Wash

Venice Carnival.

Draw and paint the colourful costumes and add a bit of Venice

Learn about the proportions of the figure.

Pen and wash.


Photo references.


1st February

Paint Sunshine.

A bluebell wood.

Watercolour landscape featuring dappled shade.

How to get the tones right to let the light in.

How to mix greens.

Watercolours and watercolour paper.



Photo references.


8th  February


Enjoy the colours, patterns and symmetry of butterflies.

Pen and wash.

Photo references.

15th February HALF TERM

22nd  February


A little bit of perspective using sighting.  How to get space into your pictures.

Pen and wash.


Reference photos.


1st March

People in Landscape/Urban Sketching.

How to place people in landscapes by relating the figures to each other.

Getting the perspective right by looking at the eye line.

Put life into your landscapes by adding people.

Looking at the proportions, where the eye line is and how to simplify them with the right size blobs.

Start thinking about sketching out and about by doing several quick sketches of figures in pen.

Pen and wash.


Reference photos.


8th March

Trees and Landscape.

A big splashy watercolour painting brought together with pastels on top.  Maybe try out colour theory by painting the opposite colours underneath the pastels.

Watercolour and pastels

15th March

Acrylics.  Spring Flowers on Black Paper.

Starting use acrylics which are in between oils and watercolours. Learning how to paint opaquely with them by using black paper.

Acrylics and black paper.

22nd March

The Sea.  Palette knife painting in acrylics.

Try out this expressive way of painting using a simple subject.

Acrylics and palette knife.



29th March

Flowers and Gardens

Inspired by the recent show at the RA about gardens.  Look at the work of other artists and how they depict Gardens and Flowers.  Choose your favourite artist and emulate their style.




5th April

Your own project.

If you have a painting or subject you want to do bring it in and I will help you develop your theme.

Your choice.



I have started a Facebook page called Lucy Parker’s Art School where I will be posting my students work.


I am on Pinterest as well.  Follow me!


£65 for first 5 weeks and £90 for the 7 weeks after half term.  Or £14 for a drop in.


Here is a list of useful materials.


  • A set of watercolours. I recommend St Petersberg.White Nights.
  • Round Watercolour brushes. Size 6 and 12.
  • Willow Charcoal
  • A set of acrylics. I like heavy body colour.  (I have some that can be used).
  • Acrylic brushes.